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Peacock Feather Pendant

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Keeping this charm around will connect you to the celestial energies and bring you fertility and eternal happiness.

Peacock Feather

Most prominent association of peacock feather is with Lord Krishna.

In Hinduism, Lord Krishna is always depicted as wearing peacock feather in his headgear. There is a higher meaning behind his affinity towards peacock feathers.

He wanted the whole world to know that there is a small particle, inside our crown chakras, that is blue in colour just like the eye on the peacock feather. This blue particle, known in Hinduism as ‘the blue pearl’, is the seed of consciousness.

This seed is connected to our higher souls residing in the universal consciousness. By meditating on this blue pearl we can achieve connection with our higher soul.

Enlightened beings meditated on it to achieve spiritual growth. And developing beings meditated on it to attract material success from the treasures hidden in Universal Consciousness.

With the Peacock Feather, Lord Krishna tried to warn the human kind about the illusionary nature of the world.

His message was to not forget about the real bliss lying within our souls in the lure of worldly desires. As peacock feathers have just one brown colour, but due to the phenomenon of ‘structural colouration’ it appears to be colourful.

It is also associated with Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Fortune. Its presence in the house is considered auspicious for prosperity.

Peacock, is the vehicle of Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom and knowledge, its feathers are good luck charm for memory and intellect.

In Feng Shui, a peacock feather is referred to as ‘a love cure’.

Thus, one peacock totem feather carries with itself the very rare fortune of association with blessings of wealth, wisdom and all round enlightenment.

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Product Dimensions L 32.17 mm X W 13.34 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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