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Prana Mudra Charm

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Prana Mudra

The Sanskrit term ‘Prana’ means ‘life force’. This simple gesture activates the Muladhara chakra, powerfully, which governs the vitality in the body.

Elements manipulated by this mudra are: Earth, Water and Fire

Method: Touch the tips of the pinky finger and the ring finger with the tip of the thumb. Do this with both hands keeping palms facing upwards.

Benefits: Since this mudra increases the vitality of the body, it strengthens the immunity power and provides rejuvenation.

Since Prana mudra has the power to activate dormant energies inside you, it proves very useful in curing chronic fatigue, severe exhaustion and low endurance.

Performing this mudra regularly will give you positive mental outlook thus beating diffidence, fear and anxiety

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Product Dimensions L 15 mm X W 6 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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