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Purple Blessings Fellowship Points

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Purple Blessings is purely a customer-centric brand that cares for its customers. It is our utmost priority to ensure that you are able to browse and interact with us in a much more convenient manner and be updated on a regular basis from our end.

What are Purple Blessings Fellowship Points?

It’s all about earning loyalty points as and when we interact and mingle with each other. For every purchase you make you are liable to a certain amount of club points depending on the value of the subject.

The calculation is as simple as 1 Fellowship Point = 1 Rupee.

How do I get Fellowship Points?

Step 1 Register with us. The registration is free of cost. The first time you register with us you earn certain fellowship points.

Step 2  Make the Purchase The more you shop and purchase from us, more the blessings points will you earn. These points will be credited to the wallet in your Purple Blessings Account. So what are you waiting for, get started and earn the points :).

Why Join the Purple Blessings Fellowship?

The Purple Blessing Fellowship points will avail you almost up to 25% discount on the purchases you make on the website. This discount will be applicable on all the products including the fresh and the discounted ones.

Refer & Earn

Once registered you have an opportunity to earn 100 blessings point. Refer us to your friends and for each reference you are liable to earn 100 blessings point. 

Below mentioned are some Frequently Asked Questions that can help you know more about these club points

1. Who is eligible for these Purple Blessings Fellowship Points?

All the Purple Blessings Fellowship members are entitled to earn these Fellowship points. Given the terms and rules, customers are limited to have only one account on our website. Any multiple accounts created will be automatically deleted from the website. While registering the customer needs to feed in only one email id, physical address and contact number.

2. What is the validity of these Fellowship points?

The validity of your Fellowship points depends on the way you have earned those. For every set of fellowship points you have earned, each set has a separate validity and expiry date. Whenever you make a purchase make sure to check the validity of the club point you have earned on that purchase. The details about fellowship points and validity along with terms and conditions

3. By when will the Purple Blessings Fellowship points be credited in my account? 

Crediting of the fellowship points depends on how they have been earned. Like the fellowship, points can be earned as soon as one makes an account on our website and those can be availed when one is making the purchase for the first time from the website. Also as and when the customer shops from our website and completes payment and the return period has expired the points will be reflected in their respective account. These points have validity period which also will be reflected in the account details of the customer. Also the Share & Earn programme get you club points and the same will be reflected once your friend completes the purchase and the return date has expired.

To summarize it the fellowship points are subjected to terms and conditions and will be reflected into customers account once the procedure is complete.

4. Can one transfer these fellowship points? 

Purple Blessings Fellowship points are non-transferrable under any given circumstances and can only be redeemed by the Account holder.

5. Can one redeem all the available Fellowship Points at a given time?

The customer can redeem up to a total of 25% of their cart size or value. But it always up to the customer as to when and how they wish to use them.

6. In case the customer has ample of Fellowship points earned, can he or she redeem them all together at one go?

This is quite possible! One can use all the points at one go as long as the points together constitute 25% of the overall value of your cart items. The points are however not subjected to the sales tax as well as shipping charges.

(Note – you will not be able to use or earn blessings Points for this order if you Proceed as a Guest Checkout)