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Scarab in a Triangle Charm

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This magical charm will bring you healing energy and the power to fight back any worries in your life.


The geometric significance of a triangle when converted to Earthly desires represents ambition and growth.

An upward pointing triangle represents male energy and fire within.

A downward pointing triangle stands for female energy, the womb and the water element.

The triangle personifies the number three.

The three sides of a triangle epitomize • the holy trinity • mind, body and spirit • past, present and future.

Wear a triangle and infuse it with the intention to align the trinity of thoughts, emotions and feelings, so essential for Law of Attraction to work.


The Scarab is the most revered symbol in Egyptian Mythology.

It’s a sign of resurrection, revitalization and transformation.

The magical power of a scarab lies in the story about ‘Kephri’, the God with a scarab head, who is responsible to roll the Sun in the sky every day.

Kephri rolls the sun in the day and dies at night and reborn every morning to roll the sun again.

It is said that when you wear a scarab charm, it transfuses you with the power to re-establish, fight back and heal after a setback in your life.

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Product Dimensions L 21.93 mm X W 16.04 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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