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Seed of Life 1 Pendant

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This symbol is believed to influence creativity, love for music, and some artistic traits within themselves.

Seed Of Life

Seeds are those assets of nature which hold the entire intelligent algorithms for life. Being just the same, the Seed Of Life is basically a sacred universal symbol of creation.

Found at the centre (the heart) of the Flower of Life, an entire cosmology of consciousness is said to be encoded into this design.

Its design consists of 7 circles bonded together in the form of lock and key, which further reveals the dynamic and fundamental stages of evolution and creation.

The 7 circles represent our chakras, the colours in a rainbow, and all the basic musical scales in general.

It's a beautiful design unfolding into an extraordinary arrangement of circles and patterns.

This design mostly is seen on pendants for being a symbol of protection and blessing. Other wear it to have an improved fertility traits which further brings peace, balance, and prosperity in life. Owning this symbol is also responsible to reduce negative elements in life to stabilize our general consciousness.

This symbol is believed to influence  creativity, love for music, and some artistic traits within self.

This Seed also has deep spiritual meanings which are very mysterious and can only be decoded by connecting the dots in its pattern.

Some even use this geometry to control the 7 human personality traits in order to have a conceptualized approach towards problem solving and leading to the path of improved self.

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Product Dimensions L 17.70 mm X W 18.21 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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