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Sei Hei Ki Reiki Charm

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Heal your relationships with Sei Hei Ki.

Sei Hei ki

If you want to put the synthesis of God and Man in written form, then this is the symbol that you draw. It symbolises man becoming one with God.

Sei Hei Ki works on the conscious mind (mental healing) along with the unconscious mind (the emotional healing) which improves our connection with the Universal Consciousness.

Sei Hei Ki is not only the symbol of emotional healing but also balances the left and right brains.

Believers of Reiki find a huge relief from sorrows and trauma by deriving healing energies from this symbol. Reiki healers suggest that just by drawing this symbol over books can help you in memorizing the content faster. If you have a tendency to forget easily, then you can find it easier to remember by visualizing this symbol over your head.

Not only this, the power of this symbol can make fighting all kinds of addictions easier. If you are trying to get rid of any bad habits, just visualize this symbol surrounding you.

Sei Hei Ki is also used for relationship healing. As it heals your emotions, you are better equipped to handle emotional issues in any relationship.

Writing this symbol along with your affirmations, give them the magnetic power to fructify.

This is not all, the power of Sei Hei Ki can be understood by the fact that if you visualize it surrounding you, it protects you from negative vibrations and negative energies.

So, when you see fear, show the fear of this symbol.

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Product Dimensions L 17 mm X W 8 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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