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Shankh Charm

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 Intend to bring the physical and mental healing derived from the vibrational sound of the shankh.

Conch/ Shankh

Conch shell or ‘Shankh’ is one of the most revered symbols in Vedic legend. As per the lore, it is one of the ’14 ratnas’ that emerged from the oceans in ‘Samudra Manthana’ (the churning of the oceans?

Conch holds such magnitude in Buddhism that it is one of the eight auspicious symbols revered by them.

In Bengali households, even today a Shankh is blown every morning after prayers. The primordial sound of ‘Om’ emanates from the conch when blown. This sound produces vibrations that resonate with the frequency of courage, hope, will power, optimism and bliss. Anyone who is present in the atmosphere where conch is blown is showered with such vibrations of divine energy.

‘Shan’ means good and holy in Sanskrit and ‘kham’ means water. So ‘shankh’ translates into the one holding the holy water.

Even the name of Lord Shankar if translated means ‘shankh blower’.

The vibrations of the sound make any place conducive to spiritual and mental growth.

Some claim that if you blow the conch regularly, it can cure and heal many physical ailments like stammering, heart and lungs problems, skin diseases, allergies, etc.

Many Hindu deities are depicted as carrying a conch. Lord Vishnu, Goddesses Saraswati and Laxmi, Lord Krishna, Shree Balaji, Lord Ganesha all carry Shankh with them.

Keep a shankh charm near you and feel the blessings of all the deities in your life. Channelize its power to attract healing, bliss, willpower, courage and hope.

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Product Dimensions L 17.21 mm X W 5.90 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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