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Shoonya Mudra Charm

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Shoonya Mudra

Shoonya mudra is also known as Akash (space) mudra.

Elements manipulated by this mudra are space and fire.

Method: Place the tip of the middle finger at the base of the thumb. Gently press the middle finger with the thumb. Keep other fingers straight with palms facing upwards.

Benefits: Shoonya mudra decreases the space element in the body, thus a very effective treatment for space-related problems like ear-aches, vertigo, tinnitus and acquired deafness.

Performing this mudra also addresses the problem of numbness in body parts.

This mudra also connects you to the universal consciousness increasing your intuition and sensory perceptions.

Shonya mudra also works as a detox for your emotions and thoughts.

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Product Dimensions L 14 mm X W 5 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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