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Sri Yantra Pendant

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Sri Yantra

Also known as the “Mother of all Yantras”, Sri Yantra is a spiritual symbol which is capable of controlling our bodies to the microcosmic level.

Its geometry comprises of nine interlocked triangles with two circles of petals together enclosed within a gated frame denoting “earth citadel”. The design represents Shiv-Shakti as the two vital chakras for balancing life.

Hundreds of Siddha Yogis and their disciples took help of this symbol to unleash thousands of mysteries, both scientific and spiritual.

This is evident in the Advaita Vedanta sages, proposing that Sri Yantra is the key to understand the creation, destruction, and everything in the middle. The symbol reveals the purpose of existing. It's a means of getting to know the actual roots of an individual.

The triangles in its design stand for the steps to unite this universe to the Goddess.

It's design-led even the great mathematician “Phi” to wonder how such a pattern can be made without using any mathematical tools and techniques.

The Sringeri Temple in Bangalore has the perfect Sri Yantra in the best geometry possible.

Sri Yantra nowadays has started coming carved on bronze/silver plates, bracelets, and in jewellery. Keeping this with self brings balance, peace, wholeness to life, eliminates riddles, attracts wealth, and improves the living standards in general.

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Product Dimensions L 22.05 mm X W 19.28 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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