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Star Charm

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The Symbol of Star

The night would not have been so beautiful if there were no stars in the sky. Due to its magical appearance, it has become a spiritual symbol worldwide.

Its meaning varies with the different perspectives and the very first did come from the Star of Bethlehem which is still considered as a divine sign. It is a sign from God to follow his path.

Another form called the Star of David has its earliest roots connected to the Hinduism as it depicts Brahma, the creator, Vishnu, the preserver, and Shiva, the destroyer.

The Pentagram is also a five-pointed star one of which stands for the spirit and the rest four represents the four elements namely the earth, fire, air, and water. This star serves as a connection between our soul and the rest of the world.

Wearing a star in the form of jewellery, tattoos, or bringing it home as paintings, etc. induces charisma in personality and is said to keep us glowing even in the middle of extremely dark stages of life.

The stars even represent our goals, desires, and our true spirits in our dreams. These tend to illuminate our spirit from inside and clarifies riddles into fruit-bearing tactics.

A shooting star, for example, is a sign to have our wishes fulfilled during the very moment, but spiritually, it shows us that we are very close to reaching our destiny.

Buying and gifting this symbol has become a worldwide trend as it is also believed to produce love and compassion between couples and the souls sharing some kind of connection.

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Product Dimensions L 18.17 mm X W 16.45 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
Stone Black Onyx
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