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Sun with Horseshoe Charm

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This is an embodiment of power, illumination and glory, let this charm bring you enlightenment and purity to your soul.

Horse Shoe

The legend behind this auspicious charm goes something like this:

“The devil was hard at work trying to win over Saint Dunstan. On one occasion the devil corned saint Dunstan and made him promise to nail a horseshoe on the devil's horse. Saint Dunstan pretended to agree on taking on this task.

The devil stood close by to make sure saint Dunstan was true to his word. Saint Dunstan then suddenly grabbed hold of the devil's foot and with strong determination nailed the horseshoe on the foot of the devil instead of the horse.

The devil screamed as the pain was horrific. The devil then in extreme agony begged Saint Dunstan to remove the horseshoe. The saint agreed only on one condition; the devil was to swear never to enter any house that had a horseshoe hanging by the door.

The devil agreed instantly.” This is why if you want to keep evil out of your body that houses your soul, keep this close to you and you shall not perish to your own devils.

The Sun

Sun, a never-ending source of light and cosmic energy, is also a ubiquitous symbol for men who never hesitated to personify its mark and significance for different cultures, mythologies, and religions. Its first symbolism stands for the divine, but in art & literature, it symbolises embodying power, illumination, glory, vitality, and the source of life.

Its existence came out of some anonymous engravings dated back to the 15000BC, in Central Asia. Sun is the only thing around which the entire universe is centred. It is a symbol of Life as it illuminates all the planets that exist in our solar system, thus making life a possibility. It is also the symbol of light, foresight, and power. In the Hindu Mythology, Surya is the Brahman God of Sun, which is considered as an ultimate source of the light energy, and besides all, an ideogram which compels us to observe things carefully and deeply.

Not only this, Vedas see it in connection with the cycle of rebirth in the context that sunrise denotes birth, whereas the sunset stands for the death. You might have seen people wearing lockets and jewellery bearing the mark of a sun. This symbol purifies and enlightens the soul, improves health, prevents darkness, gives the energy to perform daily tasks, and besides all, imparts highly positive mindset with a different perception to behave like a proton, no matter how many electrons surround us.

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Product Dimensions L 15.32 mm X W 13.24 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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