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Tasseract Pendant

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Also known as the regular octachoron/cubic prism, Tesseract is an 8-celled four-dimensional analogue of the cube.

It is basically a four-dimensional hypercube which was first coined and used in 1888 by Charles H. Hinton in his famous book 'A New Era of Thought’.

A tesseract is to cube what a cube is to the square. It is indeed a great design which connects our fantasy to the facts.

Moreover, it builds a bond between our meditated consciousness and embodiment. Meditated consciousness directly points out to something which is way more stable and balanced with respect to the higher states of our consciousness.

Tesseract makes it possible to eliminate the restraints of time and space and compels us to do better day by day.

Its symbol replicates a gravitational wormhole which symbolises the compression of space that circumvents the time to move from one location to the other, this is possibly the transition of mind from one phase to another.

Nowadays, this design has taken place in jewellery, paintings, and tattoos because of its beautiful yet simple design. So to attain the stability of mind, relationships, riddles across life, and so on, this design is owned in abundance.

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Product Dimensions L 14.68 mm X W 14.68 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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