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Tetrahedron Necklace

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These symbols have always served to take us through the path of higher understanding. They tend to reset values and behavioural traits of a person. One such symbol is Tetrahedron.

This extremely simple design is made by four points and six lines acting in a sequence. What makes this design straight in its interpretation is that each one of its points is connected directly to all other points and elements.

This very continuous geometry that's why stands as a symbol of integrity and wholeness. Peace, harmony, trust, and awareness are some unspoken meanings of this symbol.

It is actually the element of Fire and is linked to the centre for personal power and acceptance, known as the Solar Plexus. This is more symbol words means for a balance between the physical and the spiritual world.

No matter which side it is turned on or how it is positioned or placed, the geometry looks perfectly stable and same.

Owning this symbol in the form of jewellery, paintings, or tattoos induces the quality of acceptance.

The Tetrahedron is said to concentrate all our energies into an endless stream that serves to keep us charged even during the low moments.

It causes enlightenment, boosts our confidence, and helps us to explore the world with a positive attitude.

Tetrahedron keeps us very calm and actuates our brain to take the right decision no matter how unstable the situations get.

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Product Dimensions L 18.5 Inch
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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