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Tree of Life Pendant

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Tree Of Life

This tree is a mystical figure that has magically prevailed through ancient times and is still popular among many cultures and religions.

There are several mythologies around this symbol but each one has showcased it with different names and an entire range of varied yet positive meanings.

Just like how the roots of a tree stay bound to the soil, this tree teaches us to be grateful by acknowledging our roots and the place we achieve nourishment from.

The different branches tell us about the generations we have crossed so far and that one should never forget his/her ancestors.

This symbol tends to purify our soul and transforms our body into a unique existence with a similar outer design but inner capabilities to battle the hardships with immense faith and confidence.

It's also seen as a symbol of starting a fresh life, good health, positive energy, and a bright future.

Very often the Tree of Life also stands for immortality, intellect, experience, and strength.

The Celtic representation of this figure engages us with spiritual connections, deities and the Celtic underworld.

While this symbol is in great demand worldwide, jewellery bearing it as pendants, paintings, statues, scriptures, etc. have become popular than ever.

Keeping this in touch tends to hold us to the ground inducing confidence, self-awareness, enlightenment, patience, and endurance which is much needed nowadays to stay high and stable no matter how difficult the journey of life gets.

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Product Dimensions L 29.64 mm X W 14.43 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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