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Triquetra Pendant

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Being in huge demand these days, Triquetra is a tripartite design composed of 3 interlocking 'Vesica Pisces' symbols.

It's made into a never-ending geometry which signifies its symbolism to eternal spiritual life with no starting and ending points.

The sign is believed to be one of the oldest; dating back to as early as 500BC when Triquetra used to symbolise the triple-goddess namely mother, maiden, and crone.

Since then, it stands as a rune of protection.

And now in the modern days, it has become popular in the knotwork, designing jewellery, emblems, logos, etc.

Combining the 3 elements of nature i.e. air, water & earth, Triquetra symbolises everything three-fold like the cycle of life (life-death-rebirth), the family (mother-father-child), and so on.

Its effect on the body, mind, and spirit is extremely profound as it tends to combine the varying natural forces.

Moreover, it assures protection and faith along with inducing a balance in our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

The symbol is believed to generates compassion, love, peace, and prosperity when wore in the form of jewellery. Some people even have tattoos of Triquetra as it looks fancy and imparts a wave of positivity and a belief to submit to the fact that yes, we have God by our side.

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Product Dimensions L 16.36 mm X W 16.84 mm
Polish Oxidized, Enameling
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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