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Trishul with Damru Charm

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Damru is yet another element which Lord Shiva used to play during the moments of immense happiness and joy.

But in the spiritual sense, it represents the universe which continues to collapse and expand.

Damru signifies the rhythm which lies in almost every life form, for example, our heartbeat, energies collapsing and re-generating, etc. It actually represents the cosmic sound on which Shiva used to do his Tandavam. Its sound is often interpreted as Pranavam and represents the Shabda Brahman.

How does this universe act is well explained by the geometry of Damru which is an hourglass-shaped combination of the male and female pro-creativity (reproductive organs)?

Damru is possessed to have wholesomeness accompanied by deep spiritual peace, integrity, and prosperity.

The believer is said to attain moments of happiness and the wishes turn into reality by keeping damru close to himself. This is why it is also worn as pendants and tattoos.

Besides being a musical instrument, it also stands for a symbol of empowerment.

The very rhythm that flows from it destroys the negative vibes and gives the mind a state of meditation and inner peace.


Shiva’s Trishul is always believed to be a weapon only, but the actual reason for why it's with him carries a deep symbolism.

As it has 3 sharp arrows popping out of the actual stem (Tridents), each of these represents three fundamental aspects of life namely, Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. These are the 3 basic Nadis – the left one, right one and the central one.

These sharp arrows represent the basic duality in existence. This duality corresponds to Shiva and Shakti, or we can say Masculine and Feminine.

Keeping this symbol brings out the logical and intuitive aspect of your body and mind which further initiates balance to do things well and with great confidence.

The three prongs also represent the three-fold aspects of Shaivism including the 3 principles of Pasa (divinity of Shiva), Pasu ( man's animal traits), and Pasa (karmic debt).

Retaining it in the form of pendants in jewellery, as statues, paintings, etc. produces a will to act towards attaining wisdom. It also triggers the human energy to flow through the chakras and restricted pathways to achieve sure-shot success in the least time possible.

Moreover, Trishul fights against the supernatural elements and protects the believer from every disturbing aspect of his/her life.

Using it to produce peace and harmony is also a common practice these days.

Lastly, it keeps away the negative vibes which therefore helps in feeding relationships with more love and contentment.

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Product Dimensions L 21.91 mm X W 10.29 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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