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Two Dolphins Charm

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Epitome of grace and compassion, this is a very kind-hearted charm that will bring you harmony and peace in every relationship you embark into.


Sailors from time immemorial have told the stories of Dolphins coming to their rescue, guiding them and protecting them. They have hailed Dolphins as a symbol of protection and compassion.

In Christians art, dolphins are portrayed as a symbol of resurrection, grace and purity of heart.

Ancient Greeks believed that dolphins carry the soul of the dead to the land of the blessed.

Dolphin is associated with both the sun god Apollo and the moon goddess Aphrodite, thus cementing itself as the symbol of duality or balance between opposites. This is the reason why a totem of two dolphins forming a heart or a yin –yang symbol is a potent good-luck charm for protection and compassion, love and harmony in a marriage.

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Product Dimensions L 19.35 mm X W 16.22 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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