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Vesica Piscis Pendant

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Vesica Piscis

Vesica Piscis in its mathematical shape is formed by two intersecting disks with a little common area shared by both.

The two Os represent the Observer (God) and the Observed (Creation), thereby concluding “oneness” and integrity in everything that exists.

Vesica has a history of thousands of years and represents the union of Gods and goddesses to create an offspring.

The geometry resembles the ‘eye of God’.

The mandorla of this symbol also looks like a birth passage (when viewed horizontally).

Pythagoreans believed that this symbol is a means of attaining spiritual liberation, energy and power.

Some even believe Vesica Piscis as an important geometry showcasing Divine Feminine, being the vulva of Goddess, surrounded by a waning moon. The birth-passage is also evident in the sculptors and paintings of the Indian goddess Kali.

Moreover, it is an ultimate centre of balance comprising soul, truth, freedom, time, space and the divine power in the name of Jesus Christ.

This shape also describes harmonic proportions prevalent in this universe.

So besides showcasing the general cycle of producing elements, Vesica Piscis also marks the presence and significance of the eternity in producing and maintaining unity, offspring, energy, power and lastly an integral presence in everything.

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Product Dimensions L 29.55 mm X W 26.27 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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