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Vishuddhi Chakra Charm

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Vishuddhi Chakra

Vishuddhi chakra, also known as Throat chakra is first of the satvik chakras.

Mooldhara and Swadhishthana chakras are connected with the characteristics of tamas. 3rd chakra Manipura and 4th chakra Anahata governs the attributes of Rajas.

Satvic properties are peace, purity, harmony, understanding and balance between inner and outer worlds.

Vishuddhi chakra is symbolized by 16 petal lotus with the beej mantra ‘ham’.

It is located in the spine behind Adam’s apple region of the throat.

Vishuddhi in Sanskrit means ‘purification’. This chakra is also known as the purification centre. It is said that when you reach the level of awareness of this chakra all the poisons and nectar, good and bad in your life unite to give you an experience of bliss.

When your Vishuddhi chakra is activated, you stop fighting with life and start flowing with it. You start seeing the real sense and intelligence behind everything and everyone. This is the chakra where you start realizing the concept of a cosmic whole and the harmony between everything.

The throat chakra governs the throat, voice box, trachea, thyroid and parathyroid glands and the lymphatic system.

Malfunction of the Vishuddhi chakra results in throat related diseases such as goitre, asthma, sore throat, hyper and hypothyroidism.

People with activated throat chakras are good orators, singers and highly creative.

If you lack these skills then you should strive to activate your throat chakra. If you desire to make sense of life and are looking for harmony and happiness then you must make efforts to purify your throat chakra. Keep this charm with you to remind you of this intention.

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