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Water Element Charm

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The fact that 70% of the human body is water shows how significant this element is to us. From the ancient Greek Philosophy to the various esoteric traditions, water has always been a pro at influencing the physiological and cosmic systems. Apart from the Greek Philosophy, it is also prevalent in the Asian Indian and the Chinese cultures as Panchamahabhuta and Wu Xing respectively.

Hindu mythology states water to be in direct association with the Chandra (Moon) and Shukra, who is responsible for all the feelings, intuitions, and imaginations we hold. In the Greek and Roman tradition, water is said to have made the Platonic solids (especially Icosahedron) which is a very complex geometry. It is believed that when this element combines which such a complex geometry it boosts the qualities of temperament, brain, and optimistic emotions.

Effect of Water on Physical, mental and emotional Imbalances

Water rules Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces on an astrological basis. These signs are known for their moody and insightful nature. With people who face trouble with the boundaries, water has always been associated with them.

This element rejuvenates the body by circulating a wave of energy dispersing like tiny atoms to the exhausted areas. It holds the symbolism of purity, life, transformation, eternity, fertility, and flexibility. Not just it cleans us by washing away the impurities from our mind and body, but also exerts the need for fluidity and flexibility in our lives. Under the effect of this symbol/element, one learns to adjust and maintain temperament while going through even the toughest phases.

Why you should have this symbol?

Water is the only classical element that covers nearly all the Tarot cups. These cups basically describe our emotions, intuitions, and path through which energy flows inside our body. And water controls all of these under different circumstances. Retaining this converts our subconscious into clarity through rejuvenation, inducing peace and harmony inside, and establishing a healthy state between our conscious and subconscious self.

In the Celtic Ogham, Willow, Reed, and Alder are some trees that are in close connection to the element of water. These trees or a symbol of them are used in several rituals and metaphysical practices. The symbol of water inspires imagination, adaptability and leads through the phases of immense growth and success. Moreover, its demand has grown over the last decade mostly because it purifies and protects our soul and mind from the negative vibes and impurities.

These are just enough to tell you how important these stones/crystals are to be in someone’s life.

Water Oriented Crystals

These crystals and stones include Blue Agate, Lolita, Fluorite, Lepidolite, and silver. Among the animals, the symbols of dolphin, wale, water snakes, Zebra, Horsetails, Cattails, and Seals are in direct association with the element of water.

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Product Dimensions L 13 mm X W 13 mm
Polish Rhodium, Enamel
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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