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Wish Bone with 4 Leaf Cover Charm

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The purpose of this charm is to bring you hope and make you optimistic about the prosperous life that lies ahead.

Wish Bone

The tradition of breaking the wishbone comes from Europe, born from a legend thousand years ago.

The ancient Italian civilization believed that the birds were oracles and could predict the future. They performed a ritual knows as “rooster divination” and then drew a circle around the rooster while also dividing the circle into 6 wedges and put food into each wedge.

Each wedge held the sacred alphabets and later they would record the sequence in which the rooster ate and that would be deduced to be the holy message from gods above.

After the whole ritual, the people would eat the rooster but save the wishbone or furcula for the leaders of the clan who would stroke the bone and make a wish believing that it still had the divine energies in it.

The wishbone signifies hope for the future and good luck. Its to make the coming days the best of the lives ahead and prosperity of the whole family.

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Product Dimensions L 18.94 mm X W 7.81 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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