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Yin Yang Pendant

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If you wish to achieve balance and harmony in your life this charm is for you.

Yin – yang

The yin-yang symbol comes from the Chinese Taoist tradition.

The image of two tear drops-one black, one white, forming a circle has many layers of interpretation.

Yin-yang symbolizes the balance between opposing forces. Some believe it to be the symbol of Shiva and Shakti; the male and female energies needed to create one complete and balanced whole in nature.

Yin, the darker part is the feminine of the two and represents, coldness, passivity, the moon and the night.

Yang, the lighter part is the masculine part and symbolizes heat, action, aggression, the sun and the day.

The dots signify the dependence of opposite force on each other for their existence.

Anyone suffering from disturbance and imbalance in his or her life must keep this charm to attract the balance and harmony.

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Product Dimensions L 12.84 mm X W 12.84 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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